We certainly don’t find out today, but it’s worth remembering: male beauty is increasingly concentrated on the beard. The general trend wants it cured.
If until not many years ago, elegance, beauty and well-being coincided with the complete shaving of the face, the trends of recent years tell a very different story. The choice is no longer between: “Beard: yes or no?”, But rather: “Beard? Yes, but which one?”.
The beard has always been a symbol of virility. It is democratic because every man can wear one and short, medium or long, the beard is a nice way to connote style.
Fashion has now exploded and the looks are always following each other year after year, adapting to the change in taste that is gradually improving, in search of style and personality.
The past seasons have seen hipster cuts impose themselves, but will this be the case again this year? Let’s find out the men’s beard trends 2020.
Tips and tricks to keep it the right length?
There is that sparse, just mentioned. The short one on the sides, with the sideburns that run and draw the whole jaw. The three-day, fake-neglected one. And then the goatee, again in great dusting, among the strongest trends in recent months.
The beard of 2020 maintains the course already traced during this year, namely that of care, order and measured lengths.
Man, 2020 beauty trend: how to wear a beard in the new year Beard Man 2020: the beauty trends of the moment for a perfect fashionable beard
Unlike in previous years, the beard in vogue in 2020 promises to be less long and thick. Great importance is given to detail: the 2020 men’s beard designs are embroidered with painstaking precision and are based on both the shape of the face and the haircut.
Overall, despite the dominant mood in 2019, the new year will see a more classic style, sober and without excesses, for a casual elegance, which will accompany you in every situation, from the most ceremonious to the more informal.
The barely mentioned beard will dominate the scene this year. It is a look suitable for both young and old and suitable for almost any type of face. It is built in a short time and requires no special maintenance. In other words, the ideal choice for the lazy. The only measure to be taken concerns the sideburns, which must be carefully finished. At the same time, however, even those who cannot do without a “wild” touch will be satisfied. In fact, you can wear a medium beard, apparently uncultivated, in full urban dandy style, which will remain a trendy alternative.
In the wake of the 90s revival, which is transversally influencing the entire world of fashion, there will also be a mustache and a goatee, which can be worn substantially in two ways: united, to outline the mouth or separated between their.
To conclude, if you are not lucky enough to enjoy a uniform beard on the cheeks, a tip: tip everything on the mustache, which must remain long enough, to create a strong detachment with the beard, which instead will be shaved carefully and frequently.
Happy beard offers you 3 different styles so that he can wear your look according to your personality:
Sweetwood for the man who is always on the move. The experience of travel is a reason for living.
Spicytonka for the man who loves the city with his frenzy. He lives it from morning to evening, until night, all in one breath.
Wildocean for the man who cannot play without sport. Always ready for new challenges with strength and endurance.
And what attitude are you?

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