To be at the top and show off a nice beard, you need to use specific products and accessories, as well as being very patient. If you are determined and want to have a nice long beard too, we give you some useful tips.
If you want to have a long beard you will have to wait several months, in some cases it can even be up to a year, so keep in mind that you will have to work hard. To grow a beard it is essential to take care of it daily, applying nourishing products that contain minerals and vitamins such as the Happy beard line based on Prickly pear oil, use oil, wash with shampoo, treating the beard with the mask or balm, apply butter to shape and brush carefully.
In addition to the products listed above, you also need to use the electric razor, beard trimmer and a good quality barber scissors. In many cases the growth of the beard is uneven, in some places on the face the hair will grow more slowly, but thanks to the use of the beard trimmer and
other tools, you can make it grow evenly.
If you are a precise person and you know how to use scissors well, you can model your facial hair even better, otherwise you can always get help from your trusted barber (every 2-3 weeks). To mark the contours of the neck and eliminate unwanted hair, remember to use the freehand razor, also in this case you can initially go to the barber shop, and then continue on your own.
The beard is not a long, scruffy beard, left to itself, quite the opposite. The first month you will have to get help from a professional, to outline the right shape suitable for your face. When you have learned the procedure and are able to juggle with the various tools, you will become precise and faster and you will start to see the first results.
To have a precise contour, with a homogeneous and straight beard growth that does not swell upwards, you must use the beard trimmer with a movement that starts from the bottom upwards.
The look varies according to your personal tastes and the type of beard. If you have a less dense beard it is advisable to have a low shade, if instead you have a very dense beard you can create a high and well-defined outline.
As for the ends of the lower area, you can opt for rounded or more square lines, based on the features of your face or your personal tastes. Always remember that a long beard gets dirty quickly, it is in fact a breeding ground for bacteria. For this reason we recommend you to use the shampoo constantly. If you spend many hours away from home, take your shaving brush and shaving wax or butter with you.

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